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‘T was the night before Christmas,

When all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Except a small mouse

Now this was quite odd

As a matter of fact

It had been killed earlier

By a black and white cat

But out in the graveyard

Strange noises were heard

The undead were rising,

Fresh flesh they preferred

But the village was quiet

On this cold clear night

Nobody was there

To put up a fight

The undead were marching

As the people lay sleeping

Unaware of the threat

That was currently creeping

One of  the undead

Broke into a house

And accidentally trod

On the small zombie mouse

Inside of this home

The children were dreaming

If they awoke

They soon would be screaming

The zombie approached

Prepared for a snack

But the next thing he saw

Was inside of a sack

With a swish of a blade

The zombie head fell

This corpse now descending

Back into hell

But who held the blade

That flashed by so quick?

Enter our hero

The bearded St. Nick

After killing the zombie

He cleaned up the gore

The house was as tidy

As it had been before

St Nick sipped some sherry

Then ate a mince pie

Then left some wrapped presents

Before waving goodbye

He flicked off a crumb

From his suit made of red

Ready to continue

To fight the undead