Day Three

Posted: December 4, 2012 in zombie advent, Zombie short story
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The door opened…

Tommy stepped into the darkness. The carrier bag was grasped in his fingers was the fruits of his afternoons labour, or at least an afternoon spent shoplifting from those shops with staff who hadn’t yet wised up to the thief in their midst. He pulled out an item from the bag and removed the cardboard surround and pressed the on switch. The reading light shone brightly with a narrow beam. Tommy held it so that he could make his way down the steps towards his treasure trove.

He kept all sorts of purloined items here and tipped out the bag onto the rest of the pile. Tommy wasn’t really interested in the stuff that he nicked, he enjoyed the thrill of the steal but today the rush was dulled by the comparative ease with which he was able to remove the items. It wan’t as if he was especially skilled, it was that no one paid any attention to him. He decided that he would have to attempt something bigger than the usual knick knacks.

He then thought he heard something scrape along the floor. He turned the thin beam of light in a downward direction. The scream barely left his lips as the rest of his life was stolen from him.

Confirmed zombie victims: 4


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