Day Four

Posted: December 4, 2012 in zombie advent, Zombie short story
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The door opened…

Leonard stepped out of the greenhouse and grasped his “walking companion” as he called his zimmer frame. It was too big and bulky to be taken into the greenhouse and Leonard did not want to deny himself the pleasure of the company of his plants. His routine was so exact that the nurses and carers would allow him time to himself that the other patients would not be allowed. It also proved to be a calming influence on the other patients too, most notably after Leonard was forced to miss a few days in the greenhouse due to an unfortunate bout of illness brought on after he forgot to wash his hands after one fine day in the greenhouse before eating. One of the other patients had started crying and would not stop until Leonard resumed his visits to the greenhouse a few days later.

Leonard had spent a bit longer in the greenhouse than usual on this day. So long, in fact. that a nurse was on her way towards the greenhouse to check up in their green fingered patient. The nurse stopped and walked back into the main building after seeing the old gent moving ever so slowly towards her.

It was several hours before anyone found the body of the gardener.

Confirmed zombie victims: 8


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