Day Two

Posted: December 2, 2012 in zombie advent, Zombie short story
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The door opened…

“Where to, love?” asked the man bathed in the light from the dashboard and the illuminated meter. It gave his face a sinister red glow. The glow was stronger than it would normally have been due to the sheen of sweat on his face. He hoped that it wasn’t a fever. He couldn’t afford to take any time off, especially in the run up to Christmas. He did his best to hold back a cough but it emitted as a strange creaking sound but the passenger did not seem to notice.

The cabbie noticed that the form in the back was a slender figure and had to be helped into the car. The man who gently placed her on the seat could have been a bouncer at the club he was parked outside but the way he held the young woman suggested there was a closer bond between them.

The man gently closed the door but then walked round the car until he was next to the driver’s door. The cabbie pressed the button and the electric window whirred as it lowered.  The man lowered his head and leaned it into the car.

“She has had a bit too much to drink” whispered the man apologetically and then passed the cabby a twenty pound note. He told the cabby the destination and then handed the cabby another twenty. The first twenty would have been more than adequate to cover the fare.

“This is for any” the man paused momentarily, thinking for the right words “inconvenience you may have if she is” another pause “unwell. Please take care of her.” He patted the cabby on the shoulder and retreated from the car waving as the car turned a corner and vanished from sight.

The cabby wasn’t sure yet whether this was a godsend or a gift from hell. It would depend on the health of his passenger. Then the cabby’s blood ran cold. His destination was along a road with a series of traffic calming speed bumps. He knew from experience that these “sleeping policemen” could provoke the most awful extrusions from the drunken clientele.  But the cabby knew a few detours that would enable him to at least reduce the number of bumps he would have to go over. The first turning of the detour was just ahead. The cabby noted that the streetlights were not on here, not unusual in itself but he would have to keep an eye out for wandering drunks or cats tired of their nine lives. He was just thinking this when a pair of eyes reflected the headlights in the dark. The cabby stomped on the brake and the car came to a sudden halt. Then the noise from the back startled him. His passenger, who had been lying along the seat, had rolled onto the floor.  Remembering the care in which her companion had placed her into the car, the cabby felt it only right that he should check and see that the young woman was ok.

He opened the rear passenger door of the car and watched as the lying body started to rise. He offered his hand to the young girl who gratefully took them and she stretched her legs beyond the car and then stood up. Her grip was remarkable strong for such a small girl but it was her bite that was to prove fatally surprising to the cabby.

A few moments later the cat walked to the once living body and gave it a sniff before disappearing into the night.

Confirmed zombie victims: 2

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Oh. Zombies. Really so “unChristmas-like”. 🙂 But, I’ll support you, my friend! Cheers!

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