Day One

Posted: December 1, 2012 in zombie advent
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The door opened…

The nurse stepped into the room. She glanced at the empty bed with mild surprise. It wasn’t unusual for a patient to get up from bed but the patient had shown little sign of movement in the previous few days since the coma patient opened his eyes after almost a month.

The nurse wrinkled her nose as she inhaled a pungent smell. She stepped towards the bed expecting it to be stronger there but although the smell was there, it wasn’t as strong. The nurse recognised the smell but couldn’t quite place it.

The sound of the bathroom door clicking derailed the nurse’s train of thought but the return of the odour, even stronger now finally helped the nurse to recall where she recognised the stench.

The morgue. That’s where she recognised the smell. It was the odour of rotting flesh.

She did not see the moving cadaver approach until it was too late.

The zombie tasted flesh as the nurse’s death scream echoed within the room.

The scream…..then silence.

Confirmed zombie victims….1

  1. beezknez says:

    lol I had no idea you were writing zombie tales it is great fun to read Im glad since i have been away for a bit im glad i have you on my lists as I could have missed this I was looking to see your lovely photos of the swans and saw these posts also and really enjoying the story . .. :))) beez

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