A Tale for Advent: Prologue

Posted: October 31, 2012 in zombie advent, Zombie short story
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Thomas wiped the sweat from his forehead and sat back in his chair. The glowing monitor in front of him faded in and out of focus for a moment. He stood up from his desk and went to get himself a glass of water. He paused and placed his hand on his desk to steady himself and waited for the wave of nausea to pass. He walked to the water cooler and gulped down five cups of water, barely pausing for breath. Then he repeated these actions. He gulped the water, ignoring the trickle of overspill that dribbled down his chin and stined his shirt. He felt the walls closing in on him. He had to escape the confines of the office. He walked down the stairs, quickening his pace as he went.

As he emerged into the daylight, he felt the chill breeze in the air. The sky was experimenting with different shades of monochrome with an imminent change to watercolour.

Thomas had the desire to run and so he did. He was thankful for the autumnal weather as it meant that there were fewer people on the street with the days of summer having past but the bustle of Christmas was in its embrionic stage.

Thomas ran, almost losing his balance on the carpet of golden leaves. The chill of the air as he ran helped cool him from the burning that he was feeling. He knew he should stop and call his doctor. The burning he felt was like no fever he had ever experienced before.There was something else other than the burning, a hunger. Thomas felt as if he hadn’t eaten in a month and with the enegy used as he ran made his body scream for sustenance. He needed to feed. He needed to bite.

It was too late before Thomas heard the car horn. The car hit him with a glancing blow. The last thought Thomas had before being consumed by the darkness was must eat

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