The Walking Dead

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Zombie Literature
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In my last post (featuring World War Z) I mentioned that Max Brooks must take some credit for the current popularity of zombies. In this, my second instalment on Zombie Literature, I will focus on a series created by another person who deserves much credit for the zombie renaissance, Robert Kirkman.

The Walking Dead started out as a comic and now available as a comic, a TV series and also a series of books (at time of writing, only the first has been published; Rise of the Governor).

The Walking dead comic and TV series centre around Rick Grimes, a police officer who was shot in the line of duty and was in a coma at the time of the zombie epidemic, and a group of survivors he meets on his journey to find his wife and child. They are reunited early on in the story and the story becomes one of survival after this apocalyptic event.  There are additions to the group as they meet people along the way and also losses, not all due to zombies.

There has been a large cast of characters in the comics and if you need a hand keeping up with who’s who, then there is a Walking Dead survivor’s guide.

The novelisation is interesting as it doesn’t focus on any of the band of survivors but instead centres on one of the villains they meet, the Governor. I don’t want to go into too much detail as there are some interesting moments in here that will make you want to (re)read the Walking Dead storyline featuring the character.

There is also a twist in the book that I won’t mention but I would suggest you avoid places like wikipedia and other media sources if you want to be surprised but it is one of those books you will want to read again after discovering the twist…

What are your thoughts and opinions on this series?


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