Dave the Zombie…at the Doctors

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Dave The Zombie

Dave stepped up to the door and waited. The door was an automatic door but these doors did not register Dave the Zombie (see here for an example of Dave the Zombie’s problems with automatic doors). After a few minutes, the door opened and Dave the Zombie managed to squeeze past the person leaving the building.

He walked towards the reception area. He reached into his pocket for his appointment card. It was not in the best of condition and Dave the Zombie noticed that his finger that had been sellotaped to his hand had now become stuck on the card. He managed to peel it off but not without removing a slice of the appointment card which also rendered the Sellotape useless. He carefully put the discarded digit in his shirt pocket and stepped up to the reception area.

There was a sheet of clear Perspex that separated the receptionists from the patients. There were three of them, all involved in some activity that didn’t look important but prevented them from acknowledging the presence of anyone on the other side of the glass. Dave the Zombie leaned towards a part of the area where the Perspex was slatted, to be opened to allow the receptionist to speak to the patient. Before he could attract the attention of the closest receptionist, his left eye detached itself from the piece of blu-tac that was keeping it in place and fell through the slats before landing with a plop into a mug of what looked like tea. The receptionist closest to the mug absently reached to the mug and was about to take a sip but when confronted by the milky eyeball looking up from the brown liquid, she decided to scream instead and for good measure she fainted too. The mug clattered to the floor and one of the other receptionists raced over to help her fallen comrade. As she checked the condition of her colleague, her knee squashed the eyeball that had rolled out of the now broken mug. The receptionist called the third receptionist over and then stood up and glanced at Dave the Zombie. He handed over his appointment card and the receptionist directed him to the waiting area.

“Ggggrrrrrraahhhhh ergggghhhhhhh brrrrrrrggggg” said Dave the Zombie, meaning “Can I have my eyeball back please.”

The receptionist looked to where Dave the Zombie was pointing and picked up the squashed eyeball. He popped it in the pocket that contained his finger. Dave the Zombie sat down beside the other patients and waited…and waited…and waited



Picture created using Zombiebooth for iPhone

  1. Becky says:

    How completely rude of that receptionist. The least they could do is offer to give him a new… errr, make that a used eye.

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